Outreach is when a team dedicates time to promoting STEM education in their community and beyond. This is done through hosting workshops, mentoring teams, volunteering, social media, etc. Outreach helps prepare younger students to one day participate in FIRST® If you are interested in working with Foothill Robotics on an outreach activity or are seeking mentorship for your team, please send an email to outreach@foothillrobotics.com.


Mentorship of a team is defined as a consistent communication with a team, virtual or in-person, in which help is provided. Foothill Robotics mentors FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®)teams at all three levels. FLL® teams may reach out to our Outreach Department (outreach@foothillrobotics.com) to request mentorship or assistance with technical (Programming/Building) or non-technical (Registration/Grant Applications) tasks. We will try our best to provide aid to all interested teams.


Each year Foothill Robotics hosts a robotics summer camp for elementary & middle school children where we walk them through building, programming, and driving a robot to complete the annual challenge. This year, RoboCamp will be held from July 15-July 19. Please direct any questions to our Outreach Team (outreach@foothillrobotics.com)

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Another way to contribute to the local robotics community is by volunteering with organization's like FIRST®. Foothill Robotics members volunteer at FLL®, FTC®, and FRC® events year-round. Volunteers can be technical or non-technical and there is a role for every person's interests and skills. If you are interested in volunteering with FIRST®, visit their webpage on volunteerism in their different programs here.